Catlow Structural Lifting, Inc.

Roof Lifting, Building and Machinery Moving

Catlow Structural Lifting, Inc. specializes in roof lifting, lifting machinery and heavy, odd shaped objects. Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, Catlow Structural Lifting, Inc. has been providing structural lifting and moving solutions throughout the United States and Canada for three generations.

Businesses, Contractors and the general public have come to us for solutions to their particular problem or situation involving lifting, stabilizing, expanding, and consuliting on their projects.

Roof lifting has become an economical way to expand an existing building's space and potential while keeping the existing roof. The need for more height for larger projects and warehouse storage has become a factor in many growing businesses. New and Improved ways of handling material and projects can utilize additional height that is provided by lifting the roof, sometimes doubling the amount of space.

There are many excellent buildings in good locations but have low ceiling clearance that make them obsolete for today's needs of valuable usable space. Simply by lifting a roof and adding additional height, we can add more useable space. Additionally, roof lifting has become a green alternative solution by saving materials and reusing an otherwise structurally sound building.

Catlow Structural Lifting, Inc. will provide support for the entire project from consulting and engineering to the finished project.


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